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Tent camp outside Port au Prince
Haiti tent camp

One year ago today Haiti was devastated by an Earthquake that claimed approximately 230,000 lives. The Earthquake that lasted no more than 30 seconds has caused so much damage for this country that a year is not nearly enough time to resurrect it. 
According to USA Today:
The United Nations, U.S. aid officials and Haiti's government insist that progress is being made though it's hard to see amid the widespread devastation. Still, that progress is piecemeal, a reflection of Haitian poverty and institutional weakness before the quake, the scale of devastation after, and the challenge of coordinating an international cast of actors carrying out their own rebuilding objectives, say aid experts.
The U.N. reported in December that the number of people left homeless by the quake had dropped from 1.5 million to 1 million. Even that possible sign of progress may not be what it seems, because the U.N. isn't sure whether those who left camps set up for the homeless had found decent housing. Elsewhere in this nation of close to 10 million that was struggling with poverty long before the quake, there is little sense that things have improved.
The unemployment rate here is the highest in the hemisphere. The U.S. government reports that as many as two-thirds of Haiti's workers have no job or are working very little. Most homes, schools and buildings that toppled in the quake have not been rebuilt; even the rubble has not been cleared. Crime is going up.

Sean Penn is a devoted activist and Humanitarian and created J/P HRO who's mission is to save lives and bring sustainable programs to the Haitian people quickly and effectively.

According to J/P HRO:


J/P HRO is taking very aggressive action in fighting Haiti’s cholera epidemic. Since the initial outbreak almost 2 months ago, we've been deploying a constant supply of medics and resources to some of the hardest-hit areas in the country. We've also been proactive and very effective thus far in stemming the spread of the disease within our own camp.
J/P HRO’s response to the outbreak is recognized by Haiti’s Ministry of Health and the Red Cross as one of the most successful of any organization in the country. This recognition has enabled us to continue to devote resources and personnel well beyond our camp. Our teams of medical staff & volunteers have treated thousands of patients, and supplies from our donors continue to save lives on a daily basis.
At Petionville Camp, our ability to keep the cases in our Cholera Treatment Unit to a minimum can be directly attributed to unremitting health education campaigns & strong partnerships with NGO’s who provide key services like water and sanitation.
Unfortunately, we haven't even begun to see the worst of this epidemic. The escalating infection and mortality rate demonstrate that without immediate response and adequate resources, this epidemic will devastate Haiti. Cholera as a disease is simple to treat, but it requires a consistent supply of very specific supplies and very dedicated medical personnel.
    ·  Ringer’s Lactate 1000cc IV bags
    ·  IV fluids
    ·  Oral Rehydration Salts
    ·  24g needle IV giving sets
    ·  Chux or absorbent bed pads
    ·  Pedialyte
    ·  Personal Protective Gear: Gowns, Glove
    ·  Stool sample containers.
    ·  Doxcycline 300mg tabs

    Haiti is still very much in need of assistance. So here are ways to help:

    A new year of hope: Haiti 365
    One year after the earthquake, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF is asking our supporters to do more than remember.  A whole generation of children is poised to see their country transformed, their lives given hope. To move from surviving to thriving, these young people need to be listened to, responded to and accounted for. They must be at the center of the recovery conversation.
    This year, you can be their voice. Literally. Go to to give their stories a larger audience and to commit to a 365-day presence. UNICEF is on the ground every day making a difference. You can be too.


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